Executive Resume Writing and Career Coaching Service by Robyn Feldberg, The Abundant Success Coach™

“Making a decision to change careers in today’s market is a frightening prospect. Robyn gave me the tools and the confidence to undertake such an endeavor. The resume she developed for me was dynamic and captivating.  Her interview coaching is an absolute must! I was offered a position from an employer who was my first choice! Robyn is an amazingly talented and genuine professional I would highly recommend.” — E.C., Dallas, TX

The Abundant Success Coach provides a full spectrum of customized, high-quality career coaching and professional resume writing services designed to help executives succeed in meeting their employment goals.

My name is Robyn Feldberg (that’s my picture above), and I’m an executive resume writer with more than two decades of experience. My passion is connecting professionals with the tools, tactics, and tenacity to create career abundance. Imagine living your passion every day by doing exactly what you do best.

Are you:

  • Not getting interviews for jobs you’re qualified for and interested in?
  • Meeting roadblocks trying to develop a visually-appealing, executive-level presentation that distinguishes you from your competition and shows your unique promise of value?
  • Struggling to communicate your executive brand or identify concrete achievements and accomplishments that show tangible value to prospective employers?
  • Unclear about how to develop a multi-channel, integrated, job-search system that will position you to stand out in this challenging job market?
  • Getting interviews but not getting job offers?
  • Mystified by contemporary job search methods, Web 2.0, or how to manage your online identity?
  • Baffled by the best way to leverage your current assets to successfully transition to a new profession, industry, or geographic location?
  • Concerned that you’ve exhausted your current network – where 70% of people find their next job?
  • Stressed out by the thought of negotiating your ideal salary and concerned about leaving money on the table?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, what are you waiting for? Get started now by clicking request a quote.

“I continue to receive compliments on my resume. I secured my dream job and owe a large portion of this success to you.” — D.D., Frisco, Texas

As an executive resume writer, career coach, and job search strategist, I have the knowledge and experience to craft a powerful and compelling resume for you and assist you in developing cutting-edge career and job search strategies.

As a certified resume writer, I can write a resume for you that will:

  • Grab the attention of prospective employers quickly, because you only have 5 seconds to get them hooked.
  • Showcase your strengths, value, and brand — all in a visually appealing, powerful, and easy-to-read format.
  • Highlight your unique achievements and accomplishments, because that’s what gets employers excited, and that’s what will help you win interviews.
  • Include the essential industry keywords (a.k.a. industry buzzwords), so people can find you in online searches and your resume doesn’t get lost in a big, black hole.

And, as a certified career coach and a job search strategist, I will:

  • Help you clarify your competence and value and ignite your confidence.
  • Equip you with valuable tools and proven strategies you can implement to tap the hidden job market or quickly ramp up your existing network.
  • Teach you time-tested tips for acing your interviews.
  • Guide you to define what types of opportunities would best suit your natural gifts, interests, and values, leading you to a more fulfilling career.
  • Position you to get more, higher-quality job interviews, because you can’t land a new job without first landing good interviews.
  • Provide you with ongoing support and encouragement to stick to your goals and overcome the fear, resistance, and procrastination that block forward action and momentum.
  • Share with you the little-known, insider secrets for negotiating a more desirable compensation and benefits package.
  • Optimize your post-hire performance, and more!

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