Professional Resume Writing & Beyond

Expertly Written Resumes & Career Marketing Documents That Build Familiarity, Likeability & Trust

Without exception, people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Prospective employers who receive your resume won’t feel your handshake, see the confidence in your eyes, or feel the warmth of your personal style. The first impression they’ll have of you hinges on the image conveyed by your resume.

To make the best and most enduring impression, the text on your resume needs to immediately grab your readers’ attention—for the right reasons.

In today’s tight job market, the chances are far better than not that you’ll be competing with other qualified applicants who will have a similar level of experience and education. The last thing you want is for your resume to look, feel, or sound like the resumes of any of those other people.

What you do want is for your resume to demonstrate your brand, your unique value proposition, and get the reader excited enough about you so that he or she calls you for an in-person interview.

Here’s how I helped one client:

“I sent out the resume you helped me update to four companies and got interviews at all four. I start my new job on the 25th!” — C.L., Aubrey, Texas

Writing resumes is a unique skill, and while many people think it’s something they should be able to do for themselves, the reality is that most people cannot. Let’s face it… it’s hard to write about yourself, even if you’re a capable and seasoned writer.

Adding to the confusion, most people don’t know how to strategically write and format their own resume. A well-written resume will:

  • Command attention
  • Ensure ease of reading
  • Make it readily apparent what type of job you’re targeting
  • Include quantifiable achievements and accomplishments
  • Showcase the right keywords
  • Demonstrate relevant and/or transferable skills
  • Overcome perceived weaknesses
  • Convince readers in just 10 to 15 seconds that they need to talk to you.

I can ensure that your resume accomplishes all these things and more. Best of all, though, when you work with me, I can make the entire process easy, stress-free, and according to many of my clients, even fun, because when I write your resume, I do all the heavy lifting.

Here’s what one client said:

“I have just accepted an excellent position with a large, high profile company. The resume you prepared for me was just what I needed as I am convinced it made the difference.” — C.L., Apollo Beach, Florida

Substance matters, but first impressions are built on image, and you need a resume that conveys the right professional image. Request a quote now.