Presentation Feedback

“Thank you so much for presenting to Career Jump-Start. Your presentation was absolutely fabulous as always. I have had endless compliments from the group. I learn so much each and every time I hear you present or just during a conversation. You are so gifted and we are all so blessed for having known you. Thank you so much for offering to speak again, you are wonderful.”

— Katherine Smith, Senior Business Development Executive, Paragon Innovations

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“Recently Robyn and I had the opportunity to volunteer our assistance to the Frisco Chamber of Commerce Job Fair. At this event Robyn presented coaching seminars and provided resume assistance to job seekers. As chairman I noted that Robyn was absolutely swamped the entire day. It was quite evident from her packed seminars and the lines at her booth that Robyn’s services were in high demand. Having known Robyn for years, I’m positive that each person she helped left with more focus and a strategic game plan to demonstrate their value to potential employers. For this reason and many other positive experiences I recommend Robyn for her professionalism, leadership, and career knowledge.”

— Stephen Paz, Vice President, Careington International

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“I just wanted to send you a short e-mail to personally thank you for being there on Wednesday. The verbal feedback I received was fantastic. The journalist that was taping the speakers said, “My favorite speaker was Robyn. I was actually interested to hear what she had to say.” That says a lot considering she was just there for the story. As for the evaluations, you received straight 5’s across the board! Everyone loved you. Thank you again for making our event so successful.”

— Jamie Laura Leon, President, PRSSA