Personal Branding

“Brand management is a strategy to control your impact, growth, and employability so that you and your organization grow and profit. How do you cause this to happen? By differentiating yourself through your value exchange, and then marketing this difference so those in your marketplace understand who you and your team are, and what you are doing to drive bottom line economic impact for the organization.”

— Susan Hodgkinson, The Leader’s Edge: Using Personal Branding to Drive Performance and Profit

It’s a fact: Strong brands thrive in the marketplace, and weak brands perish. Whether you want to cultivate, strengthen, or promote your personal brand, I can help you.

Once upon a time and not all that long ago, strong brands were only relevant for the largest of corporations. Today, however, we’re able to take the same guiding principles that have propelled the market status, success, and bankability of the country’s largest and most prominent brands, and apply them to people — people just like you.

When you’re able to articulate a strong, authentic personal brand, you’ll magnetize your ability to attract good-fit opportunities and repel bad-fit opportunities. If you’re not there yet, getting there starts from a place of intention and forward action.

What sort of brand image do you want to project? The choices are endless, but the important thing is that you get to choose. So, do you want to be a Mercedes, a Volvo, a Maserati, or something entirely different? What do you want to be known for? What is your unique promise of value, and how will you demonstrate that?

Some clients are very clear about their personal brand, while others aren’t. Regardless of which category you fall into, though, you will no doubt benefit from my knowledge and understanding of personal branding, and how I apply that knowledge when crafting a branded, achievement-oriented resume that will help you get from Point A to Point B more quickly and easily.

It was certainly worth more than the small fee charged and enabled me to create the best presentation of my brand. As a result, I’ve had three job offers. You will be pleased to know that I accepted a position at a college as their AVP of Human Resources. I think once someone really understands the quality of their brand as being (especially for an executive) a strong reflection of their capabilities, they will think about their interview presentation differently.” — A.B., Farmington, New Mexico

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