Job Search Consulting

Job search methodologies have changed dramatically in the last five years and continue to evolve at a frenetic pace.

Currently, there are an average of 3.3 job seekers for every one job available. Not the best odds, and for executives hoping to secure a $100K+ job, the statistics are only worse. It reminds me of the children’s game musical chairs, with everyone wanting to land a prime spot.

In a perfect world, the most qualified candidates would always land their next position quickly and easily, but we live in the real world. And, in the real world, the candidate who gets the job most quickly and easily is the one who has:

  • an integrated, multi-channel, rock-solid job search campaign
  • a strategic tactical campaign to implement and “project manage” the campaign, complete with timelines and milestones
  • a strong network or the ability to ramp up his or her network quickly and the savvy to network effectively, maximizing results
  • the ability to comfortably strike up conversations with people he or she doesn’t know
  • strong consultative selling skills because job search is selling
  • an understanding of how to blend traditional and contemporary job search techniques
  • sufficient time to devote to job search
  • a positive attitude
  • a distinctive, robust, and polished online professional image
  • mastered the art of using social networking appropriately
  • a job search management system in place to keep up with hundreds of details including job announcements, resume submissions, responses, contacts, contact information, topics discussed, next steps, follow-up items, company details, company locations, referrals, thank-you’s, networking events, and recruiter information, and the list goes on.

Not everyone needs job search consulting, but if you have a great resume and it’s not getting you anywhere, it’s time to ask yourself why…

A great resume is like a Maserati — it’s a wonderful machine with the potential to take you from Point A to Point B quickly and in style. However, if you don’t know how to drive it, it won’t take you very far, and it might result in your spinning your wheels, driving in circles, or worse yet, crashing. Not a good thing.

When you’re ready to propel your results, maximize your efficiency, and get the job you really want, I’m here to work with you one-on-one, teach you the insider secrets to effective job search techniques, and give you a framework that will help you be successful and deliver a solid return-on-investment.

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